Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Let's start talking decor...

Finally finished with finals (how's that for alliteration, Krislyn?), and it feels so good to be halfway through dental school.  Now, who wants to be my first patient? While I'm waiting for someone (anyone?!) to muster up some courage, let's start talking decor...

Inside the barn, or outside, or both... Zach and I want a lounge area for the guests to take a load off.  I love this concept because instead of having to go back to a place where the guests have just eaten a large meal, they have the option to take their drinks and mingle elsewhere, away from the piled up plates and away from the music.  After I decided about creating this space, I started seeing incredible burlap accent pillows like these...

Can't wait to make something like this happen!! I know that I could find these on etsy...wish I knew how to sew!

Now that I'm home for the summer, I've got two goals in mind to complete before August.
1) Find and Book a Photographer
2) Start looking for a wedding dress (and hopefully purchase!)

I'd like to get more than that done, but we will see!  Mom has already taken off work the weekend of June 23 (a year before actual wedding day!), so we can hit the ground running, and maybe we can swing by Heartwood Hall to see it in all it's June glory!

Now, to leave you with these little gems: 

Zach surprised me with these monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie! A year ago, I bought him the "Z" mug as a little "happy" when I was in Chicago.  I can't wait to incorporate them into the reception.  I can definitely see them on a table like this!

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