Monday, April 16, 2012

T&Z Plan a Wedding: Colors

I've been failing on updating about wedding planning.  Truth be told, after the marathon of wedding planning that was spring break, I've been on a little hiatus! 

For the past month, I have been drooling (literally...pain control lab... shout out to Nauzie for a great job numbing my face) over color schemes.  Looking at my blog...what would you think I have in mind?  I'll give you one guess.......


I love it. It's beautiful, elegant, and the yellow gives that fantastic pop of color.  Who wants to wear black in the middle of June in the South anyway? Not anyone I know!  Let's look at some inspiration for the big day...

Bows... Peep-toe...something like this is a real possibility!
Gorgeous!!! I love the different styles on the girls and the darling yellow pumps!
milk glass milk glass milk glass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It's a look I love, and what's even more fun is searching for pieces.  My mom has already found a beautiful milk glass cake platter for the reception! 
Dad and I went estate sale hunting this past weekend.  We got there right as the doors opened, but we had to wait 30 minutes to go in.  Right as I made my way for the kitchen, I saw a girl walking out with a box FULL of milk glass.  Lo and behold, that was every bit of it in the house...drat.

       I adore the grey dresses with the yellow flowers.... probably won't have grey satin or anything like it wrapped around the flowers.  I'm thinking more along the lines of yellow gingham!
       This picture tickles me pink!  It not only has the colors I love, but I feel like it incorporates my love of milk glass with some of my parents' passions.  My dad is a pharmacist and collects old apothecary bottles and antiques, and my mom has a love for all things paper goods! Isn't this just perfect?

        What do you think for a June wedding?     

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