Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Venue Hunt

For about a year now, I have had a vision.

Rustic.  Country.  Vintage.  Southern.

Two things are for certain...
I want an outdoor ceremony and a reception in a barn

Ah...the simplicity of nature!

Last week was Spring Break.  Zach and I had a few (major!) goals in mind:
1. Announce our bridal party (more to come!)
2. Ask our pastor to be our officiant (He said, "Yes!")
3. Get started on the guest list.

Ambitious weren't we? Midweek I thought, there is NO way we're going to get this done. No. Way.  

Mom, Z, and I traveled to Memphis from my hometown of Dyersburg hopeful, bright-eyed, and excited to begin the journey towards finding the venue.  We left Memphis drained, worried, and stressed.  Venues were costing more than anticipated, some were strictly concerned with running a business, hidden fees were popping out of everywhere, and my vision seemed to be less and less likely to happen.  Eventually, we decided to look outside of the West TN venues and look into Nashville venues.  Lots of options, but again, not the perfect fit.

Not to say that some of these weren't some wonderful venues! If you get a chance check them out: Savannah Woods Plantation, Bonne Terre, Legacy Farms, Front Porch Farms, and the Crown Winery.

HOWEVER! All of the stress, blood, sweat, and tears were totally and completely worth it because.... 

I found my dream venue!!!

Introducing the gorgeous, historic cotton plantation that is Heartwood Hall.   It dates back before the Civil War.  The original builder of this home built two identical mansions for his two daughters. Heartwood's twin was burned down during the war, but HH was used as a hospital for the Union Army, so it was spared (and boy, am I glad it was!).

 Photo by Starlife Studios
Photo by Snap Happy
The incredible ceremony site... I just love the antique doors leading out to the atrium and four seasons garden!  It still gives the same effect of opening the doors to a chapel!

And...drum roll please...
Photo by Amanda Hill

It's going to be perfect!! I'm beyond thrilled to know my dream wedding is going to be a reality!  Could I be any more blessed? I think not!

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